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What's New in Smooth C 8.3

Line Working Mode
The smooth speed and efficiency lines could only be modified point by point in previous program versions. Shifting a whole speed line required many mouse clicks. Now it is feasible to modify whole speed and efficiency lines in one go.

ß-Lines With Physical Meaning

In general, the ß-lines in a compressor map are auxiliary coordinates which have no physical meaning. They are introduced for the sole purpose of reading the map unambiguously. However, the ß-lines in compressor maps can be shaped in such a way that they approximate lines of constant work coefficient H/U² very well. Doing this was not easy with previous versions of Smooth C.
Smooth C 8.3 allows re-defining the ß-line grid without loosing the smooth map data which had been created before. A new plot shows how the work coefficient varies along the ß-lines while the ß-line grid is defined.

Enhanced Single Stage Fan Map

If the Beta-lines in a map of a single stage fan approximate lines of constant work coefficient H/U² then it is easy to create an additional table with values for the core stream efficiency as a function corrected speed and ß. The theoretical background for this as well as how to use such an enhanced map and is described in:

An Enhanced Off-Design Performance Model for Single Stage Fans
J. Kurzke
ASME 2014-GT-26449

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