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What's New in GasTurb Details 6

Temperature Units
In GasTurb Details 5 one could switch only between degrees Kelvin and Rankine. Now you can switch between degree Celsius and Fahrenheit in many places.

Shock Losses
The calculation of oblique shocks has been added to the group of basic correlations.

Pressure losses in a duct
The Fanno and Rayleigh Lines are shown in the temperature-entropy diagram.

How temperature, pressure, density and velocity of sound change in the atmosphere is presented graphically and as numbers. One can switch between ISA, Cold, Hot and a Tropical day. The altitude of some remarkable airports can be shown in the main atmosphere graphic.

Steam Properties
The properties of steam as used in GasTurb for the combined cycle calculations are presented as numbers and as temperature-entropy and enthalpy-entropy diagrams.

The properties of humid air are relevant for determining the benefits of gas turbine inlet fogging, for example. A psychrometric chart and other figures describe the most important correlations. Additionally, one can get the properties of humid air also as numbers.

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