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Single Point Cycle Design Calculation

Before a new gas turbine can be designed many alternative thermodynamic cycles are evaluated. In the end, a cycle is selected which constitutes the cycle design point (cycle reference point) of the gas turbine. For this design point all the mass flows, the total pressures and total temperatures at the inlet and exit of all components of the engine are then determined.

When appropriate Mach numbers at the component boundaries are selected, then all aero-thermodynamic important dimensions of the gas turbine are fixed. Thus selecting a cycle design point defines the geometry of the gas turbine.

There are many options for finding the best cycle design point for a given application. Parametric studies give an overview about the design space, while an numerical optimization algorithm makes the search for the best solution with many variables and design constraints easy.

If special correlations apply to the design problem, then these can be introduced employing the powerful formula editor. Complex tasks may need iterative solutions in combination with the formula editor - no problem with GasTurb.

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