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The following software tools can be used in conjunction with GasTurb, but they are also useful utilities on their own.
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Smooth C and Smooth T

These programs can quickly produce high quality compressor/turbine maps from measured data. Their features include:

  • Extraction of map data from literature

  • Comparison of different maps

  • Cross plots to check whether the maps represent a reasonable description of the underlying physics

  • Physical meaningful interpolation and extrapolation of maps

  • Preparation of map data for any performance program

Map Collection 3
The accuracy of performance simulations depends on component maps adequately describing compressor and turbine operation. Comprising 58 compressor maps and 18 turbine maps, the Map Collection 3 offers a starting point for modelling gas turbines of many kinds. All maps are ready to use with GasTurb and can be modified with Smooth C and Smooth T.

GasTurb Details 6
The program GasTurb Details allows doing some basic calculations with the same procedures as used in GasTurb. Unlike GasTurb, it isolates single components of the engine, thus allowing for an in-depth analysis. Compressors, turbines, mixers and nozzles can be studied independently. The program may be seen as a “slide ruler” specialized for gas turbine problems.

GasTurb 13 Names
GasTurb 13 Names is a utility for controlling the visibility of input variables, modifying default values and the standard step sizes used for calculating small effects in GasTurb 13. Additionally, it can be used to adapt the default limit values used within the range checking algorithm according to the user’s needs.

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