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The Details of the GasTurb Calculations

The program GasTurb Details 6 allows doing some basic calculations with the same procedures as used in GasTurb. Thus, you can study the elements of a cycles like compressors, turbines, mixers, and nozzles independently. The program is a sort of slide ruler specialized for gas turbine problems.

Two examples where you can benefit especially from GasTurb Details 6:

It is very difficult to isolate the effect of a mixer on the performance of a turbofan because you cannot use the same turbomachinery for both the unmixed and the mixed flow engines. With GasTurb Details you can study the mixer alone and thus work out unambiguously the thrust increase due to mixing the core with the bypass stream.

Convergent Divergent Nozzle:
The flow properties in a convergent-divergent nozzle can be calculated from conservation of energy, mass and momentum. The results of the simulation are presented as numbers in a table, and also in a graphic which shows how the static pressure develops along the nozzle. You can observe that a vertical shock is showing up inside the divergent part of the nozzle at low nozzle pressure ratios.

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