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Fuel Composition

The gas property data used by GasTurb and GasTurb Details are created with the NASA Computer program CEA (Chemical Equilibrium with Applications) which calculates chemical equilibrium compositions and properties of complex mixtures. CEA represents the latest in a number of computer programs that have been developed at the NASA Lewis (now Glenn) Research Center during the last 45 years. These programs have changed over the years to include additional techniques. The program is written in ANSI standard FORTRAN by Bonnie J. McBride and Sanford Gordon. It is in wide use by the aerodynamics and thermodynamics community, with over 2000 copies in distribution.

With GasTurb Details 6 you create input data sets for CEA and combine the CEA output files into gas property files for GasTurb and GasTurb Details. A wide variety of liquid and gaseous reactants can be considered as fuel constituents.

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