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Fluid Properties

Gas Properties
Gas properties are presented both graphically and as numbers ...

Steam Properties
The steam properties as used in GasTurb and GasTurb Details 6 are based on the publications of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS). The formulas have been published in August 2007 in the document iapwsif971.pdf which can be downloaded from

Psychrometrics describes the properties of mixtures of water vapor and air. A Psychrometric Chart
is a graph of the thermodynamic parameters of moist air at a constant pressure. The cycle of a gas turbine being affected by the properties of the gas (the working fluid) illustrates the high relevance for gas turbine performance. The relevant parameter is the water-air-ratio war (the humidity ratio). In gas turbines used for flight propulsion the water-air-ratio of the working fluid gas usually depends depends on the weather only.In land based gas turbines used for power generation, water or steam is sometimes injected upstream of the compressor (for power increase), in the combustion chamber (for NOx reduction) or in the turbine (for cooling purposes).

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