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Presently Available DLL's

DLL's are not yet available for all of the 27 gas turbine configurations which can be modeled with GasTurb 13. At the moment the following GasTurb 13 based DLL's are ready and can be ordered:

Unmixed Flow Geared Turbofan
Mixed Flow Geared Turbofan
Three Spool Unmixed Flow Turbofan
Three Spool Mixed Flow Turbofan
Intercooled Recuperated Turbofan
Three Spool Turboprop
Variable Cycle Engine
Intercooled Recuperated Turboshaft

The following DLL's may be of interest to customers from power generation and the oil and gas business:

Single Spool Turboshaft
Two Spool Turboshaft
Three Spool Turboshaft

More DLL's will be created on request.

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