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Gas turbine performance...
... has to be understood by all concerned with gas turbine technology.

It is an engineering discipline dealing with

  • Specification of the overall engine performance design aim and - derived from this - the component design data.

  • Interpretation of engine test results and diagnosis of operational problems.

  • Developing and maintaining the overall gas turbine system model.

  • Providing control system designers with a simulation of the engine behavior.

  • Finding out performance enhancement options for derivative engines.

  • Providing operators, airframe manufacturers and power station designers with mathematical models.

  • Assessing competitive gas turbines with respect to their suitability for specific applications.

  • Providing material for teaching gas turbine performance.

The gas turbine performance software offered on this web site is useful for those working for gas turbine industry, airframe manufactures and airlines, engine maintenance companies and operators of air, land and sea based gas turbines. It is helpful for consultants as well as research organizations and - last but not least - the software is exceptionally well suited for teaching at academies and universities.

The main differences between GasTurb and competitive software are in the task oriented graphical user interface and the quality of the graphical output. Get your own impression - surf this web site.

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